Photo contest “enEARTHgy wound’s and blooms” – Meet our finalists

We are thrilled to introduce the finalists of our photography contest “enEARTHgy: wounds & blooms” , a  group of talented individuals who have captured stunning images from all around the world. We are excited to share their work with our followers and we hope that their photographs will inspire us, make us think deeper or even […]

DigitalYOu Training of Trainers: Digital Transformation – Call for Participants

 Call for Participants We are excited to extend an invitation to youth trainers and facilitators for a training program that will empower them to unlock the full potential of their organizations. The Training of Trainers presents a step-by-step approach of learning, equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate the digital world with ease and […]

“E-volunteering” – Mind Mapping Stakeholders Event – Call for Participants

“E-volunteering – building an online volunteering ecosystem” – Mind Mapping Stakeholders Event Setting the basis for efficient e-volunteering practices with high quality standards We are looking for youth workers, stakeholders and volunteers to support us in the process of identifying, analyzing and prioritizing the qualitative elements of a research on best practices, existing policies and […]

Photo Contest “enEARTHgy: wounds & blooms” – Meet our Evaluation Committee

MoveIt is proud enough to welcome the members of our Evaluation Committee of the international photography contest “enEARTHgy: wounds & blooms” – an invitation for artists to capture the positive and negative imprint of energy transition to the environment. The Committee consists of professionals from various fields relevant to the art of photography who will be evaluating […]

Kick-off meeting of the “e-volunteering – building an online volunteering ecosystem”

On February 2023, the kick-off meeting of our new project “E-volunteering – building an online volunteering ecosystem” took place in Brussels, Belgium. MoveIt is a proud partner in this project, along with our partners CONNECT International (Belgium), MladiZmaji (Slovenia), Backslash ES (Spain), Sunrise Project (France), Libero (Serbia). The main aim of this project is to […]

MoveIt joined the presentation event of the EPITOME project by CONNECT International

On February 24th, 2023 in Brussels, Belgium CONNECT International presented the EPITOME project. This project focuses on new methods of Problem Based Learning for educational purposes with the use of MINECRAFT. According to the project’s results, this all-known best-selling open environment game has been turned in a tool for creative and experiential learning methods, which […]

Call for MEDIA AND POLICY EXPERTS @ “Europeans Against Fake News” event in Croatia

Are you sick and tired of people spreading false information on the topic in which you are an expert? Do you want to actively contribute to the fight against fake news? Are you ready to share your knowledge and help build the critical thinking skills of young people? If your answer to these questions is […]

Photography Contest

Are you interested in photography and expressing yourself through your photos? Are you a nature lover? Are you sceptical about the impact of the energy transition to the environment? If the answer is YES, then this photography contest is for you! MoveIt is organizing the international photography contest “enEARTHgy: wounds & blooms” with the support […]

DigitalYOu Hackathon Held in Belgrade

DigitalYOu Hackathon was held in Belgrade between 11 and 15 December 2022. The event gathered young, creative and tech-savvy people from several European countries in order to enable them to work with experts and mentors on developing an innovative and interactive web platform for supporting the digital work of non-governmental organizations. The participants were divided into teams […]

Across – consortium members meeting

From 10th to 13th of December 2022, MoveIt joined the gathering of the consortium members of “ACROSS” project. The transnational meeting was carried out in Belgrade, Serbia, for the purpose of informing the participants, about the progress and the next steps of the project. “ACROSS” – “Age: Connecting & Revitalizing thrOughSportS“ is a project supported […]

Affiliation Meeting with DemSport !

MoveIt keeps strengthening its relations with its partners and counterparts. Last week, we had the chance to digitally meet with DemSport – Democracy through Sport. DemSport, f is a part of the Forum on the Present and Future of Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Europe with young people, and it is active in the […]


In the 4th of November 2022 MoveIt, took part in the Family Friendly Sports Stakeholders’ Meeting in Belgrade, Serbia, alongside with the Consortium members – Greece (A.C. AEET), Spain (NGO Backslash), North Macedonia (NGO Interkultura and WHC Metalurg), Belgium (INGO CONNECT International)and the hosting partners from Serbia (NGO Libero and KK Cerak), and other stakeholders. […]