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 Pilot Activity for “FFSec” project in Thessaloniki

MoveIt collaborated with the sports club AEET 2007 to hold a pilot activity for the “Family Friendly Sports” project in Thessaloniki in June 2023.

With the active participation of children, parents and coaches, the initiative not only brought families together, but also provided interactive and fun sports activities that created unforgettable memories.

The pilot event in Thessaloniki provided an amazing opportunity for families to participate together in sport activities, enjoy their time and explore their relationship through another perspective. Children, parents and coaches came together to participate in exciting sports experiences, break down barriers and strengthen their family bonds.


Concrete family friendly methodologies have been implemented in order to test their efficiency and effectiveness, while participants had the opportunity to evaluate their experience and offer their suggestions for further improvement or necessary adjustments.



The ultimate goal of this project is to build a sustainable ecosystem that promotes sports suitable for the whole family, fostering the family bonds and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


The Consortium of this innovative project consists of five organizations – CONNECT International (Belgium), BACKSLASH (Spain), MOVEIT (Greece), Interkultura (North Macedonia), Libero (Serbia), and three sports clubs – AEET 2007 (Greece), CERAK BEOGRAD (Serbia) and WHC METALURG (N. Macedonia).


The “Family Friendly Sport” project is co-funded by the European Union.

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