Did you ever participate in a 5 hours long seminar online and thought: 

“OMG this could be done so much better”? 

Did you try to manage your organization online and wondered 

if you can find simpler ways to do so?

Did you miss networking events during COVID-19?

If you had any of these thoughts during the past 2 years, 

we are looking for you and waiting for your ideas!

You must wonder…

What is our plan?

We want to gather innovative people coming from Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Serbia in a collaborative Hackathon to create solutions for:

  • Virtual office to be used by youth organizations across Europe
  • Virtual seminar rooms where we can do non-formal education 
  • Virtual networking events ensuring interaction and stimulating partnership building 

What is Hackathon?

Hackathon is a social event where participants are gathered in the international teams with diverse set of skills, working together on solving different societal challenges using innovation, creativity and technology. These teams engage into collaborative activities for two days and together with experts who are there to support them, create innovative solutions which are changing the reality we are facing. 

At Digital YOu Hackathon we will be looking for innovative solutions that will boost success and efficiency of youth organisations around the globe. By participating you will be part of the team that will be looking for innovative solutions to youth organisations activities such are online seminars, new ideas for making online networking easier and effective or designing managerial work at the youth organizations office in more efficient and interactive way. Upon selection, you will decide on the aspect of youth organisations work you would like to work on. From our side, engaging, fun and productive environment will be provided, allowing you to have amazing experience. 

What can I expect during Hackathon?

  • For starts you can expect that we will cover all the costs related to your participation and travel! (You will get all details upon selection)
  • You can expect to have fun and meet 40 young people coming from Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Serbia.
  • You can expect full engagement in finding solutions with your team. Every team will be a mix of members coming from different countries.
  • You can also expect that solutions you produce will be put in practice through project Digital YOu. You will be able to find them at our website shared for the public use.
  • You will meet experts in different fields answering all your questions.
  • Many youth workers will be trained to use your solutions in their work.
  • The workshops for sharing further your proposals will be held in all project countries.
  • All your solutions will be shared through a large promotional campaign on social. media.

How do I know if I fit the profile of the participant?

Apart from knowing that you are motivated to find solutions about questions mentioned above you should also be….

  • Youth worker or activist coming from Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, and Serbia.
  • interested in being a part of the process of shifting youth work into the virtual world or
  • a youth worker who is creative and innovative and preferably has skills in IT, web design, creative processes, and creative thinking, different forms of art, and in similar fields.
  • Have experience or interest to work on the digitalization of youth work
  • Are between 18 and 30 years old.

What should I do to apply?

Please send us a video that is a maximum of 1 minute long. 

Here is your task for the video: 

Describe using the ideal platform for online youth organization work! You are a movie director and you need to record a futuristic scene of ideal digital youth organization work surrounding (e.g., at the seminar, in the office, and/or doing networking). Explain to all of us “at the set” in 1 minute how you imagine this, so we can come closer to your vision of digitalized youth organization work. 

Please send your video until the 20th of October to our mail address office@connect-international.org  

Our team of experts will make final selection and inform you about the success of your application. 

We will inform you about your acceptance until 1th of November. 

What if I am selected? 

You must be ready to:

– Travel to Belgrade, Serbia

– Participate in online Meet Ups with other participants with the purpose to get to know each other and become a team.

– Participate actively in the Hackathon from 11th to 15th December 2022.

– Work in international teams composed of members from different countries.

When the winning proposal is chosen you should be ready to join your new team to work on it further no matter if the winning proposal is yours or not

 The project “DigitalYOu” is co-funded by the European Union.