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“Energizer” survey is open to Greek youth

With the initiative of Pulsar Power (, an international operating company that offers engineering, inspection and consultancy services for the renewable energy industry, with the vision of ensuring safe, reliable and affordable energy for all, and through the support of Move It, we are conducting an encompassing survey concerning energy transition, while having Greek youth as its target.

Through this survey we call upon Greek youth to contribute in the very debatable topic of energy transition, while helping us to explore, analyze and present the perception of young people in Greece on this topic. What do we really mean by the terms “green energy” and “renewable energy sources”? Is there any correlation between energy and environmental protection? How does the EU deal with this matter and where does Greece stand at the moment? Is youth affected by this debate and what kind of benefits or challenges will come along with it?

This survey will take 3′ of your time, but it will leave the mark of your thoughts on what is the Greek reality, how does EU deal with it, and how do YOU stand with regard to this topic?

You can give your contribution to this important topic here:

This initiative is supported by Pulsar Power, NGO Move IT, and YES – Europe Greece

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