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 ACROSS Research Report

We are excited to present our research report titled “Intergenerational Activities Through Sports.” This comprehensive study delves into the realm of intergenerational engagement, shedding light on the transformative power of sports in bridging generational gaps and fostering stronger community connections.

The survey was conducted across three diverse countries—Greece, North Macedonia, and Serbia, and in 3 different languages and targeted in 3 different target groups which are directly involved in. These groups include children aged 12-18 years, seniors over 60 years ( two groups of individuals related to intergenerational activities) as well as sports clubs, institutions, and stakeholders who play a vital role in driving sports activities.

Our research was structured into two sub-parts: detailed questionnaires and insightful interviews with key stakeholders within the sports landscape. Employing a web-based approach involving multiple-choice and short-text questions, we engaged respondents effectively. For those without online access, we  distributed printed questionnaires to ensure inclusivity. Additionally, one-on-one interviews and open discussions were held with representatives from youth organizations, sports clubs, and individuals.

A total of 181 respondents, including children, seniors, sports club representatives, and potential participants in pilot actions, contributed to our dataset. Through their perspectives, we  examined current engagement with sports, enthusiasm for intergenerational programs, as well as challenges and benefits associated with intergenerational sports activities. This process allows us to empathetically understand individual apprehensions and aspirations, paving the way for inclusive strategies to bridge the gaps.

Access the full document here: ACROSS RESEARCH REPORT

The ACROSS project is co-funded by the European Union and implemented by a consortium of clubs and organizations from Greece, Serbia, and North Macedonia.

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