You are currently viewing “DigitalYOu: Empower” Training for Trainers is Done!

“DigitalYOu: Empower” Training for Trainers is Done!

The “DigitalYOu – Empower” Training of Trainers was implemented in Belgrade, Serbia. During the seven hard-working days, the participants gained competencies, skills and knowledge on how to be successful NFE trainers in the demanding digital environment. This was achieved by exploring innovative digital tools, transferring NFE methodologies from in-person to online format, studying standards that should be followed in NFE work and mastering practical skills necessary for high-quality work with young people. The participants also tested DigitalYOu platform and its virtual rooms and tools, thus ensuring that it is optimized for the needs of digital youth workers and educators. 

Stay tuned for more news, opportunities, and information related to this project and how it can support you in digitalizing your work.

The project DYOu is co-funded by the European Union.

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