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Simulation of the European Parliament Plenary Session

MoveIt, in collaboration with Mandoulides Schools, with the approval of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Culture, and the support of the European Parliament Office in Greece and the Delegation of the European Commission in Greece, proudly organized the “Simulation of the Plenary Session of the European Parliament” for high-school students from across Greece on January 18 & 29, 2024. 

Over 190 students were assigned to 14 committees during the simulation. Students had the unique opportunity to step into the shoes of Members of the European Parliament and engage in discussions on pressing European current affairs. Following a dynamic exchange of ideas and opinions, participants collaboratively formulated a final resolution, which underwent a voting process during the EP’s Plenary session. 

We were delighted to witness active participation from students representing various regions of Greece. Their engagement in expressing opinions and reaching satisfactory conclusions showcased the success of democratic procedures, fostering a spirit of respect and healthy competition. The Simulation of the European Parliament Plenary Session proved to be an enriching experience, providing students with valuable insights into European governance and fostering a culture of democratic dialogue

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