You are currently viewing FFSec Training for Clubs’ Staff Held in Belgrade

FFSec Training for Clubs’ Staff Held in Belgrade

This week a Training of staff in clubs to become organizers of the family sport approach was held in Belgrade within the project “Family Friendly Sport” and MoveIt was there.

During the training, participants learned how to organize a family sport system in their clubs, ensure learning through sports for parents and children, prepare parents for family days, and gain insights on how to educate other coaches to get involved in family day implementation.

The Training also served as an opportunity to empower sports clubs’ staff to become promoters and multipliers of innovative educational models for clubs to become family-friendly. In this way, we have formed the basis of the support system for our family-friendly sport ecosystem, which will greatly contribute to the success of the project.

The project “Family Friendly Sport” is co-funded by European Union and implemented by 7 organizations and sports clubs with the goal of creating a sustainable ecosystem for the development of family-friendly sport aimed at children’s health enhancement and social inclusion.

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