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DigitalYOu Project Holds 5 Advocacy Meetings in Greece

MoveIt had the pleasure to hold five advocacy meetings aimed at engaging local authorities, youth networks, associations, and other relevant stakeholders and promoting our DigitalYOu platform in Greece. 

Four of these meetings were conducted in person, where we had the privilege of meeting with representatives from various impactful organizations. The Youth Council of Thessaloniki, a dynamic organization representing the voices of young citizens, as well as the Alumni Youth Council of Thessaloniki, actively participated in our meetings and were presented with the platform and its functionalities. 

Also, we had the opportunity to advocate for our work to a representative from JEF Greece, a youth organization committed to foster effective, and democratic Europe, as well as a representative from the Informatics Department of EPAL Moudanion, an institution offering comprehensive courses and training in information technology.

Furthermore, we engaged with two representatives from the General Secretariat of Vocational Education, Training, and Lifelong Learning of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs, and Sports and hosted an online advocacy meeting with Thess-diktyo, a local network of organizations in Thessaloniki which coordinates the CSOs activities in the municipality and offers a great platform for promotion of their work and initiatives. 

During these meetings, we introduced the DigitalYOu platform, which offers various digital tools for effective remote operation and communication. More specifically, we analyzed the 3 functions of the platform:

Empower section: Virtual Office – a digital office for organizations and networks or groups that enables their entire work to be transferred to the platform and facilitates their remote operation.

Engage section: Conference Room – which enables the simulation of an event/seminar space in virtual reality, with all the possibilities of a live event in the digital world for the ultimate experience of the participants.

Connect section: Virtual Fair – a digital exhibition space that enables viewing and networking with an absolute simulation of a living space with virtual stands and the possibility of interaction between participants in real time.

Of course, we also introduced the e-learning tools of the platform, which offers engaging methods for acquiring new skills and knowledge, enhancing the learning experience for users.

Participants were impressed by the platform’s capabilities, showing enthusiasm about its potential applications. They expressed their intentions to integrate DigitalYOu into their operations and promote it even further, recognizing its value in enhancing remote communication.

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