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INFO DAYS for the new platform Digital YOu

MoveIt successfully hosted an info day for the innovative Digital YOu platform on the 5th of February in Thessaloniki, Greece. The event showcased the Digital YOu platform, which is specifically designed to provide youth organizations with an online hub for collaboration, event organization and networking opportunities. Developed as part of an international project co-funded by the European Union, Digital YOu is the result of collaboration between partner organizations Connect International (Belgium), MoveIt (Greece), Backslash (Spain), Typovej (Slovenia) and BUM (Serbia) the platform aims to cover the needs of youth organizations across Europe and facilitate a smooth and successful digital transition..


During the event, we delivered an engaging presentation of the platform to the participating youth organizations, consisting of local groups interested in using digital solutions. The presentation was accessible both in person and via live streaming through the ZOOM platform, accommodating those who could not physically attend. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, confirming the value of these tools for youth workers and organizations alike.


Our participants were highly interested in learning more about the platform and using it as a tool for their organizational work.

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