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Policy Recommendations for the “ACROSS – Age: Connecting & Revitalizing thrOugh SportS”

These recommendations are part of the “ACROSS – Age: Connecting & Revitalizing through Sports” project, which is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It is a collective effort of the project’s Consortium, consisting of the NGOs “Move It” (Greece), “Libero” (Serbia), and “Idea” (North Macedonia), as well as the sports clubs “AC Panorama” (Greece), “GroBasket” (Serbia), and “SC Aleks-Delfini” (North Macedonia). 


To develop these recommendations, our Consortium has conducted extensive research and analysis. We collected data through online research and obtained valuable feedback from pilot activities involving children, senior citizens, and sports providers. Our aim is to tackle the current challenges faced by these target groups and highlight the immense benefits of intergenerational sports activities as a powerful tool for fostering intergenerational dialogue.

Here are our key policy recommendations:

  • Promote the benefits of intergenerational sports to all target groups

We urge authorities, sports organizations, clubs, and relevant stakeholders to actively promote and highlight the positive aspects of intergenerational sports. Showcase the social, physical, and mental benefits to generate interest among all age groups.


  • Create bonds and cooperation channels between sports associations and institutions for the elderly


We encourage collaboration between sports associations and institutions for the elderly to promote intergenerational dialogue. Building links facilitates inclusive programs that benefit all participants and promote mutual understanding.

  • Encourage the inclusion of intergenerational sport activities in regular planning

We invite all sports clubs and associations to integrate intergenerational activities into their training curriculum. By doing so, we address the lack of opportunities and promote understanding and cooperation across different age groups. These entities become advocates for intergenerational dialogue through sports.

  • Take measures to facilitate the participation of the elderly in sports activities:

We urge authorities to assist sports clubs and associations in becoming inclusive service providers. Facilitate senior citizens’ active participation in sports by removing barriers, improving infrastructure, and offering tailored support. Equal access to sports benefits promotes healthy aging and social integration.

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