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We are supporting the implementation of the Do (Not) Digitalize Me!

MoveIt is getting deep into the digital world!

As members of the International NGO Network “CONNECT International” (Brussels, Belgium), we had the honour to participate in the workhsop held in Thessaloniki, Greece and contribute to conductng the map of challenges, consequences as well as positive impact of digitalization in youth work in the modern ages. The workshop was conducted in the framework of the project “Do(not) digitalize me”, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, and involved representatives of Greek NGOs who have shared their experience in the process of the digital transformation of their work and exchanged best practices in their struggle to adjust to the new circumstances of the digital era.

Among other topics, we had the opportunity to discuss:

  • the quantitative and qualitative impact in terms of programs and activities, as well as its respective participants.
  • the advantages and disadvantages of youth work digitalization, including good and bad examples and the use of digital tools.
  • how digitalization has influenced different aspects of youth work, including 
  1. Organization of youth trainings
  2. Participation in decision making processes
  3. Participation in youth organizations
  4. Volunteering
  5. Youth mobility
  6. Networking among organizations
  7. Applying for grants
  8. Cooperation with local authorities
  9. Cooperation with sponsors
  • the policies/priorities of the institutions related to the digitalization promotion, current views about digitalization and recommendations for the future.
  • assessment of the organizational capacity for using digitalization, the needs for support and how to provide it.

The results produced in this workshop will be included in concrete policy recommendations for ensuring the elimination of negative impacts of digitalization of youth work and in advocacy campaigns for responsible use of digital tools in youth work.

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