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A warm welcome to our new friends! – Co.Mv.o.S

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They are young….
They are fresh…
They are full of great ideas and loads of energy…
They don’t just stare at the future – they BECOME the future.
Co.Mv.o.S (Cooperation & MotiVation of Students) is a group of young people, in their majority students of the largest Greek Universities, who have decided to unleash their passion for activism, entrepreneurship and creativity and take the future in their own hands. They believe in team work and mutual respect and share the values of voluntarism and support to one another, in order to achieve progress and –why not?- success itself.
In other words…Co.Mv.o.S reflects a great part of our own values and could be a significant ally in our future initiatives!
We are happy to consider Co.Mv.o.S as our new affiliate and are really looking forward to working with them in the near future!
Definitely take a look in their portfolio at
or visit their Facebook page