Young people deserve to have their voice heard, they deserve the chance to express themselves, to offer their input and fight for their rights and future. In this framework, MoveIt members participated as Youth Delegates in the 30th and 31st Session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (CoE), an institution responsible for strengthening local and regional democracy in the CoE’s 47 member states and assessing the application of the European Charter of Local Self-Government. Since October 2014, the Congress has invited young people from different backgrounds – youth activists, youth workers, students, young politicians – to take part in its sessions, to have their say in the debates and to exchange with Congress members on the issues on the agenda. Since 2016, as an integral part of their participation, youth delegates have been required to develop their own projects at local and regional level in between the sessions. During the 30th Congress Session (22-24 March 2016), Youth Delegates had the opportunity to start planning local and regional actions to be developed in the framework of the initiative “rejuvenating politics”. During the 31st Congress Session, these diverse and wide-ranging projects were presented to Congress members, leading to the development of the CG/BUR05(2016)INF51/13 September 2016 Document of the Bureau of the Congress, under the title “Summary of projects drawn up and implemented by youth”.


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