MoveIt had the pleasure to meet its partners in person and develop its strategic planning!

The meeting took place in Pristine, Kosovo in February 2021 and was more than successful!

Almost everyone was there!

  • Kosovo Young Lawyers from Kosovo
  • NVO Prima from Montenegro,
  • Libero from Serbia
  •  CONNECT International from Belgium
  • BackSlash from Spain
  • Interkultura from North Macedonia

We updated each other on ongoing projects discussed our future common activities, we explored opportunities for partnerships and cooperation, we brainstormed on project initiatives and exchanged ideas for the near future. Given the challenging circumstances of COVID19 pandemic and its negative effect on the NGO sector, we had the chance to discuss the obstacles and challenges we have faced until now and the solutions we have found to overcome these difficulties.

As we all share common values, we can definitely see a meeting point in our missions and are willing to offer mutual support, as a solid network of NGOs with strong bonds – not only work-related, but also on a personal level!

A lot of fresh and interesting ideas are going to be born in the near future!

Be prepared!