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Take part in the E-volunteering questionnaire

Through the project E-volunteering we are planning to increase the quality in the work of youth organisations in terms of e-volunteering, by building their capacities in attracting, engaging, managing and coordinating e-volunteers on a transnational level through a structured and multifunctional e-volunteering ecosystem. E-volunteering is also known as online or virtual volunteering, digital volunteering, or cyber service, and can include micro-volunteering, crowdsourcing, tele-mentoring, tele-tutoring, online mentoring, Internet-mediated service, and various other online activities undertaken by volunteers. E-volunteers, like all other volunteers, use their skills to contribute to the community through various projects and activities.

Do you have volunteers that work for you partly or fully online? If yes, this is a questionnaire for you.

Filling in the questionnaire that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time, and will help us understand better capacities, policies, needs, and practices of youth organizations involved in young people’s volunteering in general and e-volunteering in particular. The questionnaire has 36 questions, dealing with different aspects of e-volunteering. Your frank answers will provide necessary data needed to improve e-volunteering across Europe.

The project E-volunteering is co-funded by the European Union.

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