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“Students as European Parliament Members”

The “Students as European Parliament Members” event, held on April 1, 2024, in Thessaloniki, was a collaborative endeavor facilitated by MoveIt, in collaboration with the Municipality of Neapoli-Sykies, the Department of Regional Actions Division D of the General Secretariat for Vocational Education, Training and Lifelong Learning, Mandoulides Schools, and four high schools in our city – 1st Vocational School Neapoli, 1st Vocational School Sykies, 1st Senior High School Sykies, and the Experimental Senior High School of the University of Macedonia. This event illuminated the concepts of democracy and the European ethos!


For a full day, students immersed themselves in the role of authentic Members of the European Parliament, unraveling, analyzing, and deeply engaging with the workings and responsibilities of the European Parliament. Their interaction and the fervor they demonstrated surpassed all expectations! We take pride in the active participation and keen interest displayed by our students!


We persist in our mission to inspire and bolster the younger generations towards embracing social engagement and nurturing a European consciousness

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