MoveIt existed long before its official establishment in 2020, with great initiatives and amazing results! One of the most important portfolio items is the project “Youth Us” which was launched for the first time in 2016, supported by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe! The project targeted people at the age of 12 – 26 years aimed to promote the Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life and support youth participation in the local and regional communities through working groups, online campaigns, exchange of ideas, debating on youth related topics and forming concrete recommendations towards related stakeholders, with the use of digital tools and modern NFE methods. The project supported international cooperation, with more than 12 participating countries, including Finland, Greece, Armenia, Ireland, Poland, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Spain and others, and had an outreach of hundreds of young people all around Europe! In other words, according to the “Youth Us” motto…


“…all of us, young people full of hope, we stand right here, and we have vision and goals and dreams to fight for!

And we want those in power to use our ideas, our opinions, our strength and potentials!

We want them to USE US.

So…“Youth Us” project!”


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