Youth workers and volunteers from all over Europe gathered in Belgrade at the 3 rd of
November 2022, to join the General Assembly of CONNECT International. During the fruitful
discussion, the members of CONNECT took serious decision regarding the restructuring of
the organization and set the objectives and goals for the near future.

MoveIt, of course, couldn’t be absent! We had the opportunity to meet in person with other
member organizations and stakeholders, mingle with them and exchange ideas for future
cooperations and partnerships, and we have actively participated in the vivid discussions for
the future of the network and contribute in decision making process. During the closing
ceremony of the General Assembly a wonderful surprise was there for us! MoveIt received
its Membership Certification as an official document to prove that we belong to the
international network of CONNECT International!

CONNECT INTERNATIONAL’s plan of actions included a series of projects which are all
revolving around the digitalization of the modern society and focus specifically in several
advocacy initiatives.

The primary goal of our projects is to put youth in the foreground of Europe’s effort to deal
with the challenges that digitalization poses. Democracy, the freedom of speech, human
rights and innovation are at the center of CONNECT INTERNATIONAL’s vision for the future –
all of them principles and values that we share in MoveIt.

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